Putting Revelations

Putting Instruction

After making sure your putter is properly fit and we have reviewed your stroke, we will work on improving your putting. As a Certified Putt Doctor instructor, we will follow the prescriptions prescribed by Dr. Craig Farnsworth, The Putt Doctor.

Prescriptions include the following:

  • Setup
  • Grip
  • Mechanics: Get the ball on-line!
  • Distance Control
  • Alignment and Aim
  • Green Reading
  • Mental aspects: attitude, confidence and visualization
  • Routine

In addition to Putt Doctor instruction, we will use PuttView with Ball Tracking to improve your putting skills on breaking putts.

PuttView's augmented reality displays important visual cues. If you are a linear player, it can display a straight line or points on the line. If you are a non-linear player, it can display a curved line. PuttView also shows a "corridor of opportunity" for how to make a breaking putt with various speeds.


30 minutes: $40.00

1 hour: $80.00

3-hour package: $200.00